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Meet the Community

Our writer community (The Scribe Tribe) is always growing. 

We come from all walks of life; parents, students, retirees, writers, artists, entrepreneurs, ballet dancers, linguists, teachers and more. We support a diversity of age, creed, colour and gender – welcoming everyone who has good handwriting and a passion for creativity. 

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Let's meet five of our Super Scribes!

Dawn Venables
“I’m Dawn, a fifty four year old mother of three ‘grown-ups’. I always tend to use ‘mother’ as my identifier as that is the most important thing to me. I have always loved handwriting and won prizes for penmanship at school when it was such a thing!  I went to art college to be a fashion designer back in the early eighties and went on to do a number of different roles across my career. I was diagnosed with cancer just over two years ago, which changed my whole life and gave me a completely different perspective and philosophy. I now make the most of all the opportunities that come my way, love life and relish every moment. In the Scribe Tribe, I really enjoy the calligraphy workshops and think it is a supportive community which nurtures creativity of the individual.”
Alan Bulmer
“Hi, I’m Alan, I’m an artist and have been writing for Inkpact for nearly 2 years now. I have a passion for handwriting and creativity and Inkpact fulfills that interest for me. To me, being a Super Scribe within the Scribe Tribe means I get to help people in different areas of life, something I’m looking forward to doing more of. I think the Scribe Tribe is truly unique, and great thing to be a part of, I enjoy it enormously.”
Ellen Raymond
“I write for Inkpact because I enjoy creating beautiful products to a very high standard and believe that a handwritten message is infinitely more meaningful, thoughtful and memorable than digital or printed communication; I love knowing that my message has brightened someone’s day! I think Inkpact benefits many people; bringing joy to recipients when they open an envelope, finding and enticing new customers/supporters for brands and charities, increasing loyalty, emotional investment and connection between brand and customer, and bringing purpose, income and a sense of community to the Scribe Tribe writers across the world. I have written letters and made greetings cards for family and friends since I was a child, and have always loved doing absolutely anything creative! I am working and studying part time to become a soft tissue therapist, so writing for Inkpact is perfect for me to earn some extra money doing something I really enjoy, and allows me to be part of an amazing community of like-minded people who are all creative, friendly and super interesting!” 
Jules Parlett Eachus
“Hi, I’m Jules and I work as a modern calligraphy & hand lettering artist from my home studio on the North East coast. The Inkling Studio is my business. I’ve always been interested in the handwritten since I was given my first fountain pen as a teenager and my work as a scribe for Inkpact follows my own passion for handwritten notes & letters.  I believe we can be too quick to complain & too slow to compliment, so I often write “thank you”, “how are you?” & “you’ve done a great job!” notes to friends, family & organisations –  I invariably receive an enthusiastic reply, often handwritten!”
Siobhan Lawrence
“I’m Siobhan, a Caribbean girl with a global eye. I’m a volunteer at a boarding school giving time, care and attention to adolescents and teens as they navigate their school years. I’m kind of like their friendly older sis, or cousin, or aunt as needed. It’s great knowing that I can make a solid move to build the foundation of a great relationship.
Writing for Inkpact allows me to extend my passion to hundreds of other people on behalf of organisations. Why not make your move with the personal touch of a handwritten note to your new customers or faithful clients? Nothing quite says care and attention like a handwritten note.”